Christmas Bingo Grandma

Grandma Delmary’s Christmas Bingo

I got my perseverance and sense of humor from my amazing 90-year-old grandma Delmary. You can bet that after raising 8 kids and a 30+ year nursing career, this lady has an awesome sense of humor.  One of my all-time favorite memories from Christmas gatherings was playing Grandma Delmary’s Christmas Bingo.  

It’s so easy even the kids can play, plus you can use the Bingo game you already have collecting dust in a closet somewhere or get one on the cheap at the local dollar store. 

Here’s how it works:

1. Have everyone who wants to participate bring a wrapped gag gift or wrap up something weird from around the house that they just want to get rid of.  The weirder the item, the better. Trust me. (You might want to have a few extras on hand in case someone forgets, maybe for instance, a silly Suzy Swede Tee. <wink>) 

2. Get the Bingo game set up and give everyone a card. (With our big herd we never seemed to have enough markers so grandma would use macaroni.) I hope she didn’t cook with it later. Eeew. 

3. Play Bingo just like normal. The first person to get a Bingo is the first to select a present. the winner opens the present and leaves it in front of them. 

4. Keep playing. The next Bingo winner has the option to choose a new unopened present and open it OR steal the opened present from the first winner. If the present is stolen, the person it’s stolen from then gets to choose an unopened gift and open it. 

5. The games continues just like this. Each subsequent winner can open a new present OR steal an open one from any other player. My uncles used to go nuts stealing the most ridiculous presents back and forth.  

6. The game ends when the last present is opened. 90

Grandma D4

Happy Holidays!