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Suzy Swede’s Wicked Chickens Tee Featured in Chickens® Magazine

When Chickens® Magazine writer Sarah Coleman contacted me about featuring my Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs tee in an upcoming issue I was beyond excited! I’ve been raising chickens here on the funny farm for the last 5 years and I’m a big fan of this eggs-cellent magazine.  I don’t usually model my own shirts since I have a knack for making the craziest faces when the shutter clicks, but they needed a photo quick and Jon managed to snap a good one of me and my precious Barred Rock, Annie.  Some girls dream of having their photo in Cosmo or Vogue… not this gal! Check us out in the March/April issue General Store article.

Chickens® magazine is published bimonthly the essential poultry publication features engaging articles about everything you ever need to know about chicken keeping. I’m especially loving the article Catch Me If You Can in this issue. Annie, Pearl, Ethel and the rest of my girls are so fast! I can put some of these hints to use next time I see a hawk circling and need to get them in the coop in hurry.  Can’t get to the farm store to pick up an issue? Check out Chickens Magazine on Facebook or subscribe online.

ChickensMagazine March AprilSo just where do deviled eggs come from? They’re one of the best southern foods ever but they’re so time-consuming to prepare.  Just get yourself a coop full of crabby, cantankerous cluckers instead! They’ll be strutting, fluffing, squawking, and laying deviled eggs.

Ha! I wish it worked that way.

Give your chicken loving friends a chuckle and remind those haughty hens who’s in charge in a Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs graphic tee.