Hustle 1

Thankful For YOU This Past Year

2017… 1f498? All I can say is WOW! Thank you all for making my dream job possible. When I started this gig as a little side hustle on Etsy three years ago I never dreamed all of this was possible. In less than two years I closed my old sign business, where I was suffering from major burnout and working way too many hours, sold the shop, and built a cozy cabin next to the house where I have a 30-second commute to work every morning. This year I launched my website, added 173 new retailers in 35 states, shipped my tees to amazing customers in 18 countries, had a new collection featured in the press, and had a 152% increase in sales. I never would have dreamed I could make a living working in my own backyard. Thankful doesn’t cover it. Who knew my artsy-fartsyness and warped sense of humor would eventually pay off. 1f602?
I’m giving the website a facelift over the next week or so, but the new and improved site will be back soon!

Here’s to a fabulous 2018! 1f37e?1f942?